About product.careers

product.careers was launched in April 2016, with the goal of increasing the awareness and understanding of Product Management as a career path amongst undergraduate and graduate students in the U.K. The project consists of three main components:

  1. A one hour presentation for student groups that introduces them to Product Management, and explains how to get started.
  2. A library of personal stories by experienced Product Managers explaining how they became a Product Manager, why they recommend the role, and offering advice to students interested in Product Management.
  3. This accompanying website, which publishes videos of the student presentations, the personal stories, and supporting material.

Why did you start product.careers?

I started product.careers in response to challenges I experienced building a team of Product Managers at Crowdcube over the course of 2015.

While previously a Product Manager at Google, I worked with, and mentored, a number of graduates who were participating in Google's Associate Product Manager (APM) program. I witnessed first hand how effective smart, passionate graduates can be as Product Managers, and was keen to add some to my team at Crowdcube.

However it proved difficult to attract candidates, in part because most students, careers advisers, and tutors are not aware of the role or what it has to offer. Students are not looking for Product Management opportunities, and do not pursue open positions. Although a number of the largest technology companies do offer graduate recruitment schemes for Product Management, the schemes are not always offered in the U.K. and places are extremely limited.

The U.K. technology startup scene is growing fast and needs a strong pipeline of up and coming Product Managers. Startups are increasingly desirable employers for students, and Product Management is an excellent training ground for entrepreneurs and business leaders. We therefore need promising undergraduates and graduates to identify Product Management as their career path of choice, and for that to happen they first need to be aware of, and understand the role.

Thor Mitchell

Please note that product.careers is not sponsored by or affiliated with my current employer, or any previous employers.